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Our Futures & Index analysis is posted daily before the open.

Exclusive new member pricing at $149 per month.

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Our daily plans are delivered each morning typically two hours prior to the market open. We focus on the ES futures, as well as the SPY, IWM and QQQ. The plans are focused on all timeframes, from active day trading to swings with a focus on higher Risk vs. Reward set ups and locations. Members now have the ability to automatically import our levels in to their Tradingview & Bookmap software.


Most traders understand how critical it is to understand and track the indexes. Market alignment is one of the most powerful forces there is when it comes to trading. We spend hours each day focused on nothing but index and futures analysis, as well as monitor them the entire trading session.  We truly believe preparation is key, and never enter in to a trading day without having a grasp of where we are in the entire market picture.  We are now sharing our homework with a wider audience. Our goal is to allow traders to take some of their free time back from their index analysis, and give actionable information to assist with their overall market read.


With everything in life, context matters. Part of the Daily Roadmap is giving members an easy to follow video plan  of what is going on in the market each day. Sometimes the emotions take control and we don't see the forrest through the trees. That swift intraday market break that does nothing but getting to a first support gets plenty of people worked up for nothing. Or that news event that doesn't have the reaction that everyone is expecting. We focus on the things that truly matter, and work to keep the noise out.


We take the guess work out of figuring out what levels are critical in the market. We have created an easy to follow way of displaying information on a chart so you never have to wonder if we are in a key area. Often we find writing down a level is not enough. Being able to see a zone visually adds a level of clarity. The less we have to overthink the chart, the better we can focus on executing ideas.


Not all levels in the market are created equal. We have identified key areas over the years after extensive study. These can produce some very large moves in the market, and are often KEY decision points. Are they always correct? Absolutely not, and that is a very large piece of information about the general picture itself. Knowing when NOT to trade is just as important as knowing when to trade.


Getting a trade on is one thing, where can the market go is another. Our goal as traders is to manage risk, and maximize rewards. We do believe it is key to lock profits along the way. Part of this is understanding where the market MAY be trying to revisit. Magnets in the market can be a great way to take away some of that guess work. Too often traders are concerned with every wiggle and shake in the market. One of our goals is to help remove that emotion, and clearly lay out locations where markets like to gravitate toward.


Key levels and magnets alone can be enough for most traders. However, the market is full of actionable information between these levels. We break these areas of potential rotation down every single day in our daily plans. Our color coded charts will help you identify which of these areas are more minor, and which ones are more critical.


Do all levels hold? Absolutely not. Is a level invalid if it breaks? Not always. The behavior after the break can give just as much of a clue. Say the market makes a fast shove below a zone, then it is recaptured. The critical piece of information is how it behaves back through that key area. Speed of the market also plays a huge factor. A very grindy slow move to resistance for instance. Often those zones are way more reactionary on a faster, exhaustive move in to them. A faster move in to support is no different. It is very important to observe the behaviors, and trust your eyes. Often when emotions are high and people don't want to execute, it is the best time.


This is truly what trading boils down too. Not every support will hold, the market will change on a dime and stop you out more than you can count. Your best entries sometimes will be s loser, the trade you don't think will work may be your best ever. A trader with a 20% win rate at 10:1 risk reward will have a higher expectancy than a trader with a 80% win rate at a 1:1 risk reward. Even though trading is not simple, the expectancy formula is. It is critical to use this simple math to your advantage. Wherever your trading takes you, take some time to focus on your own stats. It can be the difference between a long career or a short one.


Daily plans: List


Focused on the ES futures. Our plans start out each day with a review of the prior days action. We then cover the relevant information for the upcoming trading day. Often our plans will be focused on actionable information for daytraders until we get to areas where we have potential for larger moves.


Whether you are trading an ETF like SPY, QQQ or IWM. Or even a 3x's etf or an options contract, our plans have you covered. Each day we cover the overall general context in the market, with a focus on more critical areas when we approach them.


Too often traders overlook the power of aligning the market with their stocks. There is a time to buy strength, and there is a time to buy dips. Understanding the KEY areas in the market can greatly improve the odds of a pullback buy in a stock. Allowing you to have a great deal more runway to get back to resistance. It can help reduce the stress of sitting through pullbacks when you've already been able to lock some gains along the way from these larger moves.


There are market environments when it makes sense to press, and there are times where intraday ping pong is the way to go. One bonus of day trading, is there is typically some opportunity on any given day. So whether you're an ETF trader, futures trader, or options trader. We have actionable levels and context for opportunity on smaller time frames as well as bigger picture.


Whether you hold positions for a few days, or a few years, we cover all time frames. The information we put out does not fit inside of one box. We let the market dictate what timeframes we are focused on. Swing traders  should pay close attention to the larger KEY Levels when we approach them.


Whether you've been trading for 50 years or 1 month, we want this information to be accessible to everyone. From the large accounts to the small. Whether you are trying to save time, compare your homework, or are still in the learning phase of your career. We want all traders, hobbyists, and analysts to have the same access to information.

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