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CLT’s advanced method and tools have hit the sweet spot in my trading. Consistently following the method has greatly boosted my confidence and taken my trading from below average to excellent in a short time. Thank you CLT and CM for all of the amazing work you do and sharing your unique skill sets. You have given me the tools to be a great trader for the rest of my life!


Having a plan each trading day has been critical to my success.  Clt’s daily plans and reviews has sharpened my focus to act in higher probability locations throughout the day.  No matter what your level of experience is, his work is worth every penny!


CLT has original techniques that derive magical levels for entry and exit. Use this with CLT’s process and you will generate Returns.

For me, CM’s class was an awesome introduction to technical analysis. He presented a full system including his process, his technical analysis techniques, and notes on trading psychology that allows him to be successful.

CLT builds upon CM’s class with his own unique technical analysis techniques. Unique because CLT does not just use tools according to the “manual”. He has spent countless hours backtesting, observing, and studying how the tools could be used in his system. His original approach is presented in the class, providing the techniques used to come up with his magical levels sometimes shared in the advanced chatroom.

The class includes CLT’s rigorous process that he uses to tweak his system to maximize return, detect changes in the market, and optimize. If you apply CLT’s analysis to your system, you will likely find some Returns being left behind.

As a bonus, CLT has done three months of morning videos. In the video CLT covers his magical levels, which you can use to double check your results and make sure you are getting the same. He covers his plan for the day so you can see how he uses his levels. But the best part for learning is the review of the previous trading day. Here CLT shows trades that developed during the day and the outcome. He discusses triggering and what he looks for in the setups. This is a huge aid in the learning process.


In my opinion one could spend a year gathering books or webinars and not get a tenth of the knowledge that the Advanced Futures course offers. It expands upon the concepts and process of your course in a way that is fluid and understandable, and once it sinks in, is easily deployable.WIthout a doubt it is worth 100 or 1000 times the cost of the course. Losers don't bother me at all anymore as that just reinforces the process and its effectiveness.Thanks again for putting together such a great place for learning and expanding the toolkit, it is invaluable.


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